About Nina Claire 

सवागतम ​

    From the beginning, I followed my fascination with color and design as my life meandered its way through fabrics, textiles, and fine art until finally finding its home with beads.
    Why beads? I am a second-generation bead stringer who began editing and restringing my mother's antique bead collection when I was 12-years old. Thus began my love and fascination with the world of beads whose endless colors, shapes, patterns, and textures echo nature and radiate beauty. I chose beads (or rather they chose me) as my medium of expression and delight in hand selecting beads from all over the world to string into one-of-a-kind designs.
    On its own the simple bead is lovely, but beads begin to crackle with brilliance when they are in the company of companion beads. Stunning designs that allow the exquisiteness of the single bead to be punctuated by the magnificence of another, and another until there is a harmonious and unique pattern, completely individual, unlike any other-behold the strand; each one shines with originality and splendor.
    It is my pleasure and honor to create these treasures for you from my beautiful studio in 
Peachtree Corners, Georgia, where I hand select and string each strand knowing it is as unique as you are.

Nina Claire